Embroidery FAQ's

Embroidery Holiday deadline questions <CLICK HERE!>

PLEASE NOTE! Choosing faster shipping will NOT speed up embroidery time.  Embroidery can take 10-30 BUSINESS days to complete, keep that in mind when placing your order.  Business days is Monday through Friday!

How can I get a quote for Custom Bulk Embroidery or Embroidered Logo?
Please email us your logo with as much information as possible, such as placement, size of logo etc.  Please email [email protected] Someone will respond to your quote request shortly.
How long does embroidery take?

Please allow 10-30 Business days for your embroidery order to be completed and shipped.  Embroidery is sent to our embroidery department as soon as it's ordered, then embroidery is done in the order received.

Can any apron be embroidered?

Yes, we can embroiderer any apron we carry.

Where will my embroidery be positioned on my apron? 

Our standard on embroidered aprons is to embroider in the top center.  So if you order a waist apron it will be in the center above the pockets.  If you order a bib it will be centered on the chest.

What size will my embroidery be?

Our standard size is 5/8 - 1", if you need anything different please emails us for quote.

What if I want my embroidery in a different area on my apron?

You can call or email us before hand and we can make a note on your order for placement.  We can create a custom listing for you.   You may also add it to the comments when you place your order.

What if I order a vest for my embroidery?

Vests are embroidered just like a polo shirt,  name on the left and logo on the right.

Can I have my logo embroidered on my aprons instead?

Absolutely!  We can have your logo digitized and sewn on any apron we carry, just email us your logo and quantity of aprons and we'll send you a quote.

How much is it to have my logo digitized?

Digitizing varies with each logo.  Simply email us your logo at [email protected] and we can get a quote for digitizing your logo for you.  Digitizing is a one time setup costs, once it's digitized then any future orders you may simply order the aprons.  No need to have it digitized again.

Where can I find the Fonts available?

You can view available fonts here:  Embroidery FONTS

I don't see the font or thread color I want to use, how can I get the font or thread color I want?

We try to list as many colors and fonts as we can.  We have the capability of using ANY font or ANY color.  Simply email us at [email protected] or use the contact form and we'll be glad to add them in for you.

All custom embroidery is done in the order received.  We only accept a fixed amount of custom work and custom embroidery are non-returnable except for quality related issues. We only produce high end garments. All garments are first quality.